EVENT 1: Seminar on the pedagogical practices and the acquisition of key competencies

Date: 07/07/2021
Title : Bringing the gap between knowledge and skills: a European FEEDtheMIND perspective

On Wednesday, July 7, 2021, the 1st seminar of the FEEDtheMIND project was held in English on the theme "Bridging the gap between knowledge and skills: a European FEEDtheMIND perspective".
This seminar, organized by Montpellier SupAgro and with the participation of the project's partner institutions (from France, Spain, Greece, Slovenia, Austria) was initially scheduled for September 2020 in person. It has been totally rethought in distance learning and adapted to the pedagogical evolutions linked to covid-19. The main theme of the seminar was pedagogical innovation and the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the field of agribusiness by presenting the main results of the project highlighting the richness of intercultural cooperation on these topics. More than 40 people, partners or not of the project, could follow the seminar rich in exchanges and energized by the multiple presentations and testimonies of the FEEDtheMIND partners. The highlight of the seminar was a round table discussion with professionals from the academic and industrial world. Project-based learning such as ECOTROPHELIA or other similar initiatives developed by the project partners were highlighted throughout the seminar, through group work, the development of multidisciplinary knowledge and skills, as well as the use of digital tools for creation and collaboration. The permeability between the academic and professional worlds was highlighted as an essential element for learners and trainers. This dynamic would allow for a better match between training and the needs of professionals and help learners to better orient themselves. The Montpellier SupAgro team (Paloma Poirel, Reine Barbar, Asma Bahri and Bernard Cuq) is very proud to have made it possible for the FEEDtheMIND partners to collaborate and exchange in these difficult times due to the health situation, and hopes to succeed in meeting the project partners in person in the near future, on the occasion of a new challenge: the creation of a European team to take part in the ECOTROPHELIA 2022 competition!


EVENT 2: Conference at the International Agricultural Fair in Paris

Date: 02/03/2022
Title : Innovating in agri-food education through digital learning

After being postponed several times since the beginning of the project because of the COVID-19 crisis, the 2nd FEEDtheMIND conference was held on AgroParisTech stand, partner of the project, at the International Agricultural Fair in Paris, leaded by Françoise Gorga from ANIA (French national federation of food industries).

This event was the opportunity to present, by Gilles Trystram partner of the project, the FEEDtheMIND project with its link with the ECOTROPHELIA competition, the work performed these last 2 years, in particular the learning platform developed during the project as the results of the surveys developed the first year. This surveys were dedicated to teachers, students and professionals of the food sector. This was followed by the presentation of the FEEDtheMIND project through the presentation of the transnational team that will participate in the ECOTROPHELIA Greece competition on 5 and 6 July 2022. The transnational team tested the learning platform for the development of their innovative product.
Finally, as the FEEDtheMIND project is closely linked to the ECOTROPHELIA competition, we could not conclude this conference without presenting this competition a little more. Thus, Philippe Goetzmann, consumer and retail consultant at Philippe Goetzmann &, who has been participating as jury member for several years in the ECOTROPHELIA France competition, spoke about the stakes and interest of the competition and of this type of initiative for the skills improvement of future graduates.
Finally, the conference ended with the participation of two former winning teams in the ECOTROPHELIA competition: Butternot - Gold ECOTROPHELIA France 2021 and Silver ECOTROPHELIA Europe 2021 winner, and POFiné - Silver ECOTROPHELIA France 2020 winner. They explained their experience in participating in such initiative, what it has offered to them and what they are doing now.


EVENT 3: Conference at the Alimentaria in Barcelona

Date: 05/04/2022
Title: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Training in de Food Sector

Tuesday, April 5th, in the frame of ALIBER 2022, organized by FIAB Spain, took place FEEDtheMIND Multiplier Event. It was a valuable and enriching experience to discuss “Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Training in de Food Sector.” Our partners at UPV, Puri García and Xavier Martinez, presented the FEEDtheMIND project to the attendees. We were also pleased to have an exciting roundtable meeting with two Food and Beverages Spanish Companies, CARINSA and Mahou San Miguel, currently jury in ECOTROPHELIA Spain. Vanesa Martínez and Santiago Vitón explained their point of view on the “Expectations of knowledge and skills in food companies related to future food developers”. Then there was a round table discussion involving the “Innovative prize” winners in ECOTROPHELIA Spain. This team offered us their vision on training needed to be a good food professional in their next future. Upon hearing Companies and students, IDEFI France as case study was presented by Paul Menut. To finish our multiplier event we had a really nice POSTPANDEMIC networking lunch when we enjoy with our colleagues after two hard years.


EVENT 4: Final conference during ECOTROPHELIA Greece in Athens

Date: 05/07/2022
Title: HEI & Food Industry: Developing the skills of the new generation

Our last event was held on July 5th 2022, at ECOTROPHELIA Greece! It was a very good opportunity to conclude about the work performed during the project! A livestreaming in English was available for non-Greek people. ECOTROPHELIA Greece was a good opportunity for the team to promote their product and for us to organise our last multiplier event were scope and results were presented. This presentation was followed by M. Tsilidis -HR manager at NIKAS SA- who presented the modern needs of businesses and the skills of the young generation and conclude by a roundtable discussion called “ECOTROPHELIA: a tool for the development of skills” with P. Scandamis (Professor, AUA), Z. Zachariadou (Human Resources Business Partner, YIOTIS SA), El. Makras (R&D Manager Ε.Ι. PAPADOPOULOS SA), and A. Christodoulou (ECOTROPHELIA Greece 2020 winner) as speakers.

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